Extension of Deadline for Installment Payment of Property and Services Taxes in Debt Collection in São Paulo


The São Paulo City Hall has announced a one-month extension for the facilitated installment payment of IPTU (Urban Property and Territorial Tax) and ISS (Tax on Services), which are registered in active debt. The new deadline to join this installment plan is August 21.

This measure aims to benefit sectors most impacted by the pandemic, offering them an opportunity to regularize their fiscal situation and avoid penalties. Regularizing the debt results in the removal of the debtor’s name from CADIN (Municipal Informative Registry), preventing protests and legal collection.

It’s important to note that individuals or companies listed in CADIN are unable to enter contracts with the public sector. Moreover, in case of legal action, the City Attorney’s Office (PGM) may seize assets (including cash, investments, and property) to settle the outstanding amount. Specifically for IPTU debt, the property can be seized and auctioned.

The benefits for IPTU payments are directed towards properties in the Historic Center of the City (as defined in section I of article 6° of Law 17.844/22) and properties in any area of the city registered with the City Hall for uses such as cinema, theater, entertainment venues, clubs or similar (70) or hotels, pensions, or lodgings (80).

For ISS, benefits were granted to sectors like transportation, tourism, entertainment, and leisure, among others. The complete list of these services is available on the Stay Up to Date Portal. All debts registered in active debt, including those already protested or under legal collection, can be included in the agreement.

The measure offers a 95% discount on interest and fines for upfront payments and an 80% discount for payments made in up to 120 installments, provided that the minimum installment value is R$ 25 for individuals or R$ 150 for legal entities.

Joining the transaction agreement can be done directly on the Stay Up to Date Portal, without the need to leave home, carry documents, or wait in lines. Remember, the portal only shows debts that qualify for the transaction.

To consult and regularize other active debts that do not qualify for this transaction, access the Active Debt Portal. Regularization of all debts in active collection (such as IPTU, ISS, traffic fines, sub-prefecture fines, etc.) can be done throughout the year in up to 60 installments, with the minimum installment value being R$ 150 (for Simple National debts, the minimum installment is R$ 300).

Our team is available to clear any doubts and provide all necessary support for joining the São Paulo City Hall’s special installment program.


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