MEIs Required to Issue Electronic Service Invoices


Starting from September 1, all Micro Entrepreneurs Individual (MEIs) are required to adopt the Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) in accordance with the national standard. This decision stems from measure no. 169/2022, dated April 3, 2023, imposed by the Managing Committee of the National Simple (CGSN) of the Federal Revenue.

This transformation represents a significant milestone, as until now, MEIs issued their electronic invoices through municipal systems, where each city had its own form and system of invoice issuance. Now, all MEIs will use a unified system, either through the portal or the NFS-e-Mobile app.

The main drive behind this change, according to the CGSN, is to simplify the entire process of invoice issuance. Additionally, it aims to make it easier for MEIs to fulfill their tax obligations, ensuring a more cohesive and standardized experience.

A crucial point to note is that all municipal electronic invoice issuance systems will be deactivated from September. The São Paulo City Hall specified that the “MEI Nota Fácil” app will no longer be available for download.

However, for those MEIs that need to deal with retroactive issuances or conversions of the Provisional Service Receipt (RPS) dating from before September 1, 2023, as well as replacements or cancellations of invoices issued before this date, there will be an exception. They must process such requests in the NFS-e system specifically provided by the São Paulo City Hall, as clarified on their official platform.

This overhaul aims to modernize and consolidate the invoice issuance system for MEIs, hoping that, over time, it will make life easier for micro-entrepreneurs across the country.


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