Practice areas

Corporate Law

Our Corporate Law area provides analyses and services to facilitate the operation and growth of business activities, from promising startups to established conglomerates.

Our lawyers specialized in Corporate Law offer a wide range of services, including:

Company Formation

Assistance in choosing the most suitable corporate type, drafting of contracts and corporate bylaws, and guidance in the business registration and legalization process.

Restructurings and Transformations

Consultation on merger, acquisition, consolidation, spin-off, and other corporate restructuring operations, always focusing on operational and tax optimization and efficiency.

Corporate Governance

Implementation of best practices to ensure transparency, responsibility, and fairness in business management, safeguarding the interests of shareholders and stakeholders.

Corporate Disputes

Representation and advice in conflicts between partners, shareholders, and managers, seeking solutions that preserve the health and continuity of the business.

Capital Operations

Guidance in processes of capital increase or reduction, issuance of securities, and other operations that affect the company’s capital structure.

Dissolution and Liquidation

Assistance in the processes of terminating activities, ensuring that all legal procedures are properly followed.



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